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Using a multi-media approach to reach your audience

January 12, 2024

Innovation in technology, along with increasing numbers of tech-savvy consumers, has meant a transformation in the way products and services are bought and sold. It’s no longer realistic to expect a static social media ad to do all the leg work. Today, a customer’s journey is far more complicated. With multiple touch points along the way from watching videos to interacting on social media, using online chat and more.

So what does this mean for a brand that wants to grow? Quite simply, it means adopting a multi-media marketing approach to reach your target audience. Here at ThinkOTB, a creative marketing agency in Leeds, we’re obsessed with finding the best ways for our clients to get their products and services in front of their customers. “We help businesses maximise their reach by enabling them to talk to their target audience in the best way,” says managing director, Jo Waddington. “We do this by integrating a range of advertising mediums into a single campaign – so there’s a selection of ways to engage with consumers.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look at five of the areas where multi-media can make the biggest difference to your business growth.

1. Short-form video content gets to the point

As attention spans get shorter, consumers are increasingly seeking out quick video content to give them the information they need. These videos are easy to consume, require very little effort, and appeal to a wide range of demographics. Thanks to the rise of YouTube Shorts, Reels and TikTok, content like this is in abundance.

The TikTok app, for example, has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times worldwide since its release. In the UK alone, the number of TikTok users is expected to reach almost 15 million in 2025. That’s a lot of people watching a lot of videos. Because the app is a sales tool in itself, TikTok Shop has taken off as a fun way to sell, too.

The optimal length of short-form content is around three minutes. Companies who have perfected the art can tell a story in that time. By engaging, informing or immersing consumers in your brand using visually-captivating and compelling videos, it keeps your brand, product or service front of mind. To help you, the ThinkOTB team have put together a few tips on making great video content here.

2. Social media still engages

Because there are 57.1 million active users in the UK alone, social media remains a popular marketing tool for almost any business. A well-managed social media account (and the ‘well-managed’ bit is key) can give your brand a wealth of benefits and get you closer to your customers. From regular posts (allowing you to engage directly via comments from consumers) to informative video content, links to blog posts, FAQs on your website, or collaborating with influencers, social media offers endless possibilities for your multi-media approach.

Targeting you audience is undeniably important. Get to know who you want to talk to and focus on the social media platforms they’re most likely to be active on. Moreover, this will inform the tone of voice and content you create. At ThinkOTB, we’re here to help guide businesses through the busy social media landscape. We offer insights and solutions to create social media strategies that really work, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn.

3. Chatbots continue the conversation

In this on-demand age, customer service needs to meet expectations. Consumers typically expect a response within 10-minutes of getting in touch with a business be it a product enquiry, delivery question, complaint or something else. This demand has therefore made chatbots and virtual assistants a vital tool for businesses. They can help manage conversations at scale while keeping brand tone of voice consistent. You can use them to gather data from multiple sources while maintaining a constant level of customer service, 24-hours a day.

This part of the multi-media jigsaw focuses on creating a better user experience and smoothing the customer journey by engaging and supporting customers. From an investment perspective, this can lower your customer service costs, too.

4. Audio content speaks volumes

Audio media, from podcasts to ads on streaming services like Spotify, is an effective way to create engaging content that meets your brand values. The growing popularity of podcasts offers big opportunities to business and marketers. They are particularly great for those looking to target specific new customers in a younger age group. Branded podcasts can build loyalty and trust, answer FAQs to elevate brand awareness and sell products and services directly to listeners.

Additionally, one of the best parts is how podcasts can be repurposed by sharing them with existing customers to add value or posting them to engage potential new customers. You can read more about the benefits of podcasts in our blog here.

5. Experiential marketing keeps it personal

Although it’s easy to become focused on digital media, but ‘real’ experiences are still important. Engaging, immersive, fun and exciting, experiential marketing through in-person experiences, like event marketing, pop-ups, guerrilla campaigns and brand activation, really adds value.

Whether you’re inviting consumers to a planned event, surprising them with unconventional tactics, being creative with a pop-up shop or restaurant, or bringing a brand to life through immersive experiences, physical marketing adds an interactive dimension to your brand. At ThinkOTB creative marketing agency in Leeds, we have nearly 30 years of expertise in marketing and brand building. We love nothing more than giving consumers an experience to remember!

Make your multi-media authentic & measurable

As multi-media grows and evolves, customers will demand more innovative ways for brands to engage with them. It’s crucial, however, that companies don’t create multi-media content that doesn’t suit their brand. It needs to be authentic and relevant for their target market and the channels that your target audience uses.

Make sure you can learn from it, too. Data analytics play a big role in understanding your audience and evaluating the effectiveness of your multi-media strategy. Whether you use built-in plug-ins, third-party applications, or custom-developed tracking systems, gathering insight will help you continuously improve and drive better ROI. By tracking key metrics, you are able to adjust to optimise your strategy.

If you’d like help choosing the best multi-media strategies to fit your brand, get in touch. Our creative marketing agency team here at ThinkOTB is here to help.


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