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Diving into the Euros 2024 experience at ThinkOTB

July 2, 2024

I’m Isabel and I’ve just started my year’s placement at ThinkOTB. Being a small but perfectly formed marketing agency, it is a great place to get experience in both client services and creative. From accounts management to blog writing, I’ve had a taste of it all… and I’m only in week 3!

Last week we had fun in the office doing a Euros 2024 sweepstake. It was a great way to boost team spirit and have a bit of office fun. Our Creative Director got Germany, our Account Directors got Italy, Spain, England and France, and I got Croatia, Portugal and Austria. I think we all know who’ll be winning the jackpot this year…

Teamwork really does make the dream work!

While it was a bit of fun, it made me see just how close the ThinkOTB team are. And right now, it’s apparent how important that teamwork is. The whole team are pulling together to get a big project for a key client ready for a tight deadline. Just as in the Euros where national teams are composed of players who often come from various club backgrounds, yet they must quickly gel to perform as a unit.

Here at ThinkOTB we come from a variety of backgrounds. These include design, writing and languages, and our skills and knowledge complement and enhance the whole team’s work. The key to success lies in fostering a cohesive team spirit where each member understands their role and contributions to the overall objective. We ensure this through regular meetings, updates and collaborative tools to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Just as football teams leverage the unique strengths of their star players, marketing agencies must identify and use the specific talents of their team members. Great copywriters, brilliant designers, and the clever client service team each bring something unique to the table. Recognising and leveraging these strengths, while ensuring everyone collaborates effectively, can lead to outstanding results.

Multi-channel marketing

The Euros 2024 employs a multi-channel approach to reach its diverse audience. From TV broadcasts and online streaming to social media updates and mobile apps, the tournament ensures that it is accessible across various platforms. ThinkOTB adopt a similar strategy, leveraging multiple channels such as social media, and paid advertising to maximise reach and impact. The goal is to be where the audience is, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience.

Keeping an eye on the opposition

Currently I am creating a competitor analysis for a ThinkOTB client, which is similar to coaches analysing opponents to gain an advantage. This is the first port of call when starting the process of a campaign or launch of a new product and is crucial to ensure we provide the best outcome for our client.

As a placement student one of the main things I have seen so far is how the ThinkOTB team support each other in difficult times and celebrate successes together. This is a key aspect of working in a team and vital to boost team spirit.

If you’re a student looking for an internship/placement in 2025, get in touch: ThinkOTB careers.


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