We are a creative marketing agency

If you’re looking for an agency to deliver strategically influential creative, content, brand, digital, or motion with an unassuming and friendly approach to working together, we’re ready to show you a warm welcome.

We’re OTB; experts in helping you unlock and utilise a wide range of marketing techniques and intelligence. We take an integrated marketing approach to help you create the most inspiring and rewarding relationships with your customers. We combine the very best of digital and offline marketing learning to generate the best return on investment for all of our clients - many of which are household, blue-chip brands.

Facts drive analysis. How things feel drives action, sales, profits and more!

From buying a car to choosing who you want to work with; we may think that facts are what we base decisions on, but when it comes to the crunch, how we will feel is always the deciding factor. At OTB, we have mastered the art of making sense of emotions to help our clients achieve more from their marketing spend. Whether that’s been creating a booking experience that’s so uplifting it’s become part of a dream holiday adventure, or developing a proposal so compelling that it wins new contracts for a utilities supplier - our work has moved people. It has changed perception, inspired purchases and created real value. Great news for our clients’ profitability.

Here are the top five things people most commonly ask us

We’re down to earth. We hate to keep using the word ‘real’ but it’s what we are. Real to us is about living our principles and values, being fun, expert, creative and passionate. You just know when it feels right.

Well, we’ve honed our skills over many years. We’ve also written everything down in a book, exploring how to best generate ideas and make them work. We’ve also developed tools, techniques and approaches to generate relevant ideas. We’ve even got a training team Think so we can train people on ways to create smarter thinking. The team run workshops and have shared their expertise at seminars all around the world.

Greater choice is making life more complicated and consumer decisions harder to make. Successful brands will be those that prioritise clarity over complexity. Our expertise means we view brands from the consumer’s point of view, getting to grips with what they find complex before rethinking a simple, more meaningful solution. Keeping the main thing as the main thing.

A sense of achievement is a very powerful motivator, whether it’s finding that nugget of insight that connects consumer with brand, getting great feedback from clients or generating significant results from the work we do. When you love what you do, you do it better. Success means you got it right. We create successes every day. Not all of them epic. But all of them well earned. That’s why we success means a lot to us - it’s our reward for the effort we put in.

When you understand consumers, you can trigger their reactions. We like to think of ourselves as consumer behavioural experts. Through our intuitive research and well-informed strategic thinking, we bring to light the truths that give brands meaning. Then we craft them into compelling creative that motivates consumers and earns outstanding results for our clients.

Our culture

We like working here. It’s pretty easy going. We’re passionate about what we do and we have ambitions to change the world consumer by consumer. But we’re real people and humble humans.

We like sitting in a room with our clients and getting to the crux of the challenge together and we want to be the kind of agency that clients want to spend time with. Our culture matters to us. There really aren’t any heirs and graces. No ivory towers either. We’re a genuine team that supports one another. Everyone here has something to contribute - that’s why they’re here. We have a quirky take on keeping it real. In fact, we’re pretty much what you see is what you get - and what you’ll see is a team of honest, impassioned people who believe in what they are doing and who understand the difference it makes when you care enough to get it right.

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