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Innovation as a service

A clear, proven innovation framework giving you more control and more predictability.

We help organisations in the green energy sector to create, develop, mobilise and implement innovation with focus and pace.
We are part of the Global Green Energy Transition.

The next 10 Years Matter – Seth Godin…
“We only have 10 years left to make a difference, this can’t wait!”

Clients we’ve helped to innovate all over the world

Services we provide


We embed innovation culture into complex large organisations, create and turn unproven early-stage, innovative ideas into proven concepts, accelerating deployment.

Executive Reports

Concise, focused, and tailored to the needs of high-level executives or decision-makers. Generating actionable recommendations to drive informed decision-making.


Co-creation through hackathons, innovation sprints, and workshops offers numerous benefits to organisations seeking to develop innovation.


Creating high-performance innovation teams through specialized training boosting creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Fosters a dynamic and adaptable workforce.

Business safari

Inspiring team expedition to learn by visiting relevant organisations in their offices, labs or innovation centres, unlocking success secrets through immersive experiences.

Executive coaching

Enhancing leadership, fostering creative problem-solving, and cultivating a growth mindset, building teams to drive innovative strategies and navigate dynamic markets.


Our comprehensive digital platform offering tools, techniques, and tips to foster innovation, empowering individuals to develop innovative skills and drive creative problem-solving.


Designing experiments, conducting tests, and improving the innovation. Prototyping, Testing and validation, Market analysis and Continuous improvements.

Marketing and comms

Our award winning marketing and comms team will attract, inspire, and educate target audiences through compelling messages, creative storytelling, and relevant content.

Pitch creation

We create all your performance enhancing needs, coaching on presenting, presentation material and creating content.

Public speaking

We speak at conferences and Universities all around the World on a variety of innovation subjects.

Bid winning

Infusing innovation throughout your business development, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, creative strategies, and market insights to drive product/service enhancements.

How we work

Our unique insights can spark unconventional ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible, leading to breakthrough innovations.

We are a global team of innovation professionals