ThinkOTB Agency

Changing the values of hundreds
of people at Sellafield

The ISA (Infrastructure Strategic Alliance) has a £1.1 billion contract to provide essential infrastructure assets to Sellafield. As decommissioning a nuclear site draws in the expertise of many companies with differing values, our solution was to provide innovation solutions and communications to drive cultural change across hundreds of people in the ISA.

cultural and behavioural change programme document

Collaborating with teams and senior leaders across the ISA, we started the Cultural & Behavioural Change Programme to fully assess the situation, scope out challenges, and develop a long-term plan. This included establishing a team to manage change and communicate the Programme to all ISA staff.

ThinkOTB developed a Credo which united everyone to deliver the ISA vision and embedded the Programme. To communicate this to hundreds of ISA employees we developed a robust strategy spanning proposition and campaign, messaging matrix, on-site comms, Credo film, and a Change Champion induction programme.

We saw excellent results in safety, teamwork, honesty and respect, and ThinkOTB became part of ISA’s delivery team, leading innovation and identity workstreams, as well as becoming Change Champions.

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