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The marketer and mother

June 13, 2024

It feels like no time since I was struggling to reach my keyboard around my baby bump. Whizz forwards nine months and I’m back at ThinkOTB marketing agency doing the copywriting I love. But what have been the real challenges of being a working mother in marketing?

Numb to the ‘wow’

This is baby number two, so it’s not been pyjama days and baby haze, but it has been really refreshing having nine months out of the marketing world. When I’m in it, dissecting brands to rebuild propositions or digging deep to unearth the product’s sizzle, I realise I become numb to the ‘wow’. I watch TV adverts almost writing the client’s brief in my head. I imagine the conversation creative teams had spit balling concepts or noticing clunky turns of phrase that I assume have been added at edit.

But I realise when you don’t work in marketing, adverts aren’t like that.

The great ones are magical. They make you drop out of conversations and turn to the TV, or get an old-tune-turned-radio-jingle stuck in your head all day. Suddenly yes, I do want a cheesy egg and bacon muffin at 8am, or I am determined to find time to empty my wardrobe and get minted!

So now I’m back into this wonderful world of marketing, I’m trying hard to hold on to those feelings. I’m still using all the experience and knowledge I’ve amassed over my many years as a Copywriter. But, I’m more determined than ever to see briefs through the eyes of the uninitiated customer. I’ll ask the questions that the customer would and do everything I can to make our clients unforgettable.

Our family of families

It’s been lovely returning to the team at ThinkOTB. We’re small, close-knit, and most importantly, many of us have kids. Some kids are leaving home, others are going to high school, but we all know what it’s like to juggle work, life and home. With mental health such a huge topic, feeling supported when returning to work is more vital than ever.

I’ve really appreciated being given the time to get my brain ‘back into gear’ . The world of marketing is so fast paced, client pressure is real and deadlines are tight. It’s also been important to be given the responsibility of big projects that get my confidence back up. I’ve had time to get my focus laser-sharp again.

After a lot of wise words and reminders to pat myself on the back for my achievements from the ladies at Mums In Marketing, today I am not just a marketer or a mother. I am a blend of both. As a working mother, I bring the unique perspectives and strengths to each brief.


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