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From Inspiration to Innovation: The creative energy of our home, Headingley

July 9, 2024

Although from the outside, Headingley, Leeds, may look like student ville, but it is actually a vibrant hub of creativity and culture, attracting artists, musicians, and creators from across the city and beyond… and of course, ThinkOTB marketing agency. Known for its eclectic mix of independent shops, cafes and cultural venues, Headingley offers a unique atmosphere that fosters artistic expression and community engagement.

Escher House

Our very own Escher House at 116 Cardigan Road is named after Maurits Cornelis Escher, the famous graphic artist who was inspired by Mathematics to create his swirling staircases. He explores the use of symmetry, reflection, infinity and impossible objects in his work to create mind-bending art. This outside-the-box thinking is what gave the founders of ThinkOTB the inspiration for our building’s name!

Hyde Park Picture House & Brudenell Social Club, Headingley Leeds

Cultural landmarks

One of the key cultural landmarks in Headingley is the Hyde Park Picture House, established in 1914, it stands as one of the oldest cinemas in the UK still in operation. Its unique charm and dedication to cinema make it a cornerstone of Headingley’s cultural identity.

The Brudenell Social Club is another iconic venue, renowned for its contribution to the local and national music scene. This intimate club has hosted countless live performances, from local indie bands to internationally acclaimed artists. Not only this, it is the hub for students to go to on a night out!

Headingley Cricket & Rugby Stadium & Bear Pit


Headingley Cricket Ground and Headingley Rugby Stadium are also iconic landmarks, hosting major sporting events that bring together fans from around the world. From cricket internationals to Leeds Rhinos games, these venues contribute to the area’s dynamic and energetic vibe and put Headingley on TV screens across the globe.

Victorian history

The Bear Pit on Cardigan Road is another unique landmark with a rich history. Once part of Leeds Zoological and Botanical Gardens, it was an entertainment attraction for the Victorians. The bear pit has been hidden behind the undergrowth for almost 100 years. This summer it is set to re-open as a public space for visitors to enjoy the attraction once again. Our very own ‘Bloom’ bear will be the main attraction!

Having all these different cultural landmarks within walking distance of our creative marketing agency is so special. It broadens our creative horizons and provides a wealth of ideas for the work we produce for clients. A short walk at lunchtime quickly gives us a different perspective on our work. It helps us to open our minds to other possibilities and creatively problem solve.


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