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The pubs are open! Our favourite beer adverts and TV commercials

July 7, 2020

Following the pubs re-opening after COVID-19 lockdowns, we thought we’d take the opportunity to honour the fact that you can now get a freshly pulled pint by sharing with you some of our favourite beer adverts and TV commercials of all time. So, sit back, crack open a cold one and soak up the amber nectar.

Carlton Draught – Skydivers

You’ve probably seen the ‘made from beer’ TV commercial featuring a cast of thousands – it truly was an epic beer commercial and quite possibly we would say ranks as one of the best beer commercials of all time. That was until Carlton then aired this bad boy and not only topped that but made us all laugh in the process with how utterly crazy the minds in their ad agency are… no pretentious beer commercial here, just sheer enjoyment, which after all is what beer shoukd be about.

Carlton Dry – A few too many

Not to be outdone by their colleagues in the draught department, the marketing team in the bottle section then created a suite of short little films that tap into the laziness and silliness of men after drinking beer. We’re not sure this would be allowed to air anywhere else in the world but Australia. So, enjoy the sheer lad-ish humour of these shorts that have been compiled in the beer advert below.

Castlemaine XXXX – Truck

What is it about Australian’s and great beer adverts? Despite not being a very nice beer the XXXX adverts are quite possibly little slices of comedy gold. Standing out amongst the pack is this little comedy gem! It definitely falls foul of toady’s PC brigade despite being a wonderful insight into the typical male attitude in Australia. Plus, the simple line at the end is utter genius!

Heineken – The water in Majorca

Over the course of the 80s Heineken had a wonderful advertising proposition in the shape of ‘Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach’. It’s a line they sadly no longer use but was the platform for some truly great beer commercials. Standing head and shoulders above all the ones they ran is this beautiful pastiche on My Fair Lady.

Carling Black Label – I bet he drinks Carling Black Label

But we’re saving the best until last. Hands down the best beer advert of all time, are the Carling Black Label adverts. They have great casting, beautiful comedic gold scripts and great direction. There are so many to choose from so we thought we’d embed two of our favourites here. The first is a wonderful affectionate remake of the Dam Busters and the second, is again both entertaining and funny in it’s recreation of an Arthurian legend.

What are your favourite TV beer commercials? Drop us a Tweet to let us know!

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