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The launch of Umbraco 8

February 8, 2019

We didn’t know when it would happen, but it finally has. As an Umbraco Registered Partner, the long-awaited launch of Umbraco 8 is a welcome one.

The primary goal of releasing a new major version is to enrich the product with new standout features, improve performance and enhance the user experience so it’s more intuitive. It includes industry-first features and the codebase had had a complete revamp. At the risk of sounding overly nerdy, let us allay our in-house developers’ hysteria and explain specifically why we’re so excited:

Language Variants

Umbraco took heed of the cries of content editors and developers worldwide. They have vastly improved the management of multilingual content. You can now switch between languages in the preview mode for added convenience. The tool also allows you to establish mandatory languages if you so choose to.

Content Apps

This feature gives developers the ability to build Content Apps in Umbraco. This will provide end-users with a new way of evaluating content. They’ll also gain the necessary insight to ultimately improve their content. This tool can be customised to the requirements of your customers and will prove invaluable for them.

Infinite Editing

With this built-in feature, users can seamlessly switch back and forth between different parts of the website without losing the content they were previously working on. This new feature will make working with content more intuitive and a lot more fluid without compromising the workflow.

Umbraco has always outperformed competitor content management systems (CMS). The launch of Umbraco 8 takes its reach to the next level entirely. We’re thoroughly excited about this update and can’t wait to see what brand-new capabilities it now gives us as a creative marketing agency. It will make internal and client projects far easier to operate and manage.

Umbraco 8 has been the talk of the office for the past couple of days. But, we will cautiously curb our enthusiasm and wait until it is properly bedded in. We first will ensure it is robust enough before we begin to implement Umbraco 8 as the version we build websites on.

Do you use Umbraco? If you do, what new feature of Umbraco 8 are you most looking forward to exploring? Tweet us @otbtweeter and let us know!


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