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4 scarily good Halloween advertising campaigns

October 31, 2019

Today is a scary day. I’m not referring to the imaginary ‘do or die’ Brexit deadline – it is of course Halloween. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s a strategic opportunity for brands to make an impact by tailoring their marketing communications.

In the spirit of the day, I’ve picked out some of my favourite Halloween themed campaigns from years gone by to prove the whole day doesn’t have to be a complete horror show.

Take the stranger route home

Channelling the spirit of hit show Stranger Things, Lyft invited passengers to enter a paranormal world if they accepted a Lyft in ‘Stranger Mode’. The immersive passenger experience begins with the driver’s mobile malfunctioning; the fright inducing ride is then taken up a notch with spooky sounds, slugs coming out of the driver’s mouth and a strange figure vying to break free from the roof of the car. It was a perfect marriage of brand, popular culture and seasonal marketing.

Subverting clichés in spooktacualr style

Lux took a load of Halloween clichés and had their fun with them. The ad starts with a faceless assassin stalking his prey: a woman taking a shower. As the assassin approaches the property and closes in on his target, a bar of soap shoots out of the window and like a banana skin attack on Mario Kart the assassin’s murderous plot is foiled. The ad hits all the right notes without pandering to worn-out and predictable Halloween tropes!

Bath bombs dressed for the occasion  

When it comes to marketing the ‘Instagrammable’ Lush usually get it right, and their yearly Halloween-themed collections are no different; they scream “upload me!” They even use the social media platform to give followers a sneak preview – and the annual collection is always odds on to be the next craze that pollutes our Instagram feeds. Lush continue to make a real splash with these products every October.

A story that transcends the physical realm

We live in a world that demands content. That’s why M&M’s were on the money with their ghost story, publishing weekly instalments across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter leading up to Halloween. ‘Millie & Max: A Ghost Story’ unfolded over seven chapters and featured a strong audience participation element, as viewers were invited to vote on two possible decisions the character should make. The following week’s instalment would then lead with the most popular choice. M&M’s are known for their scarily good seasonal campaigns and this one was a winner too. They really got into the spirit over at M&M’s head office, especially with the release of a limited edition pumpkin flavour pack!

What’s your favourite Halloween campaign? Tweet us @otbtweeter with your examples and why they should have made the cut in this week’s blog.


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