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Ensuring National Grid gain the best support for Net Zero

Our challenge

National Grid are working with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to deliver innovative solutions for infrastructure projects that support the Net Zero 2050 initiative. National Grid requested our help developing an effective strategy for uniting infrastructure companies, government, and local communities to achieve the target.

Our creative thinking

With three diverse audiences to unite in the same vision, the most effective partnership would start with a pilot in South Wales and if successful, the Zero2050 strategy will be rolled out across the UK. We invited key stakeholders from infrastructure companies, government, and communities to meet in South Wales and discuss the challenges that infrastructure would have in achieving the net zero target. Through facilitated workshops, we explored innovative solutions to these challenges.

To engage key stakeholders and communities with Zero2050 South Wales, we devised an integrated, multi-channel communications framework to demonstrate the project’s national ambition, creating brand guidelines and communication touch points, along with a strong visual identity.

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