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Why does it matter who you bank with?

May 18, 2022

In business, who you bank with is a demonstration of your company values. It could win you vital ESG points in new business tenders. So, communicating a bank’s ethical ethos in a crowded market is more important than ever.

Ethical business banking can refer to a range of ways in which your money is looked after. Some ethical banks may invest in sustainable projects across the globe. Others may expressly avoid investing in harmful industries such as tobacco, fossil fuels or oil. Or some banks may invest organisation’s money in improving UK societies, like Unity Trust Bank.

Unity Trust Bank

Unity Trust Bank is an award-winning, independent business bank. It is well-loved by social enterprises, trade unions, membership organisations, charities, local and parish councils. Unity Trust Bank serves those organisations who share its values. It’s working to create positive economic, community and social change. In the last year alone, it’s helped to protect 795 jobs, house 1,024 people, and provide 101 community facilities in our society.

We’re proud to say that we are working with Unity Trust Bank to grow its customer base. ThinkOTB will deliver the strategy, channel plan, creative direction and production for all brand and marketing activity. We will engage socially-responsible SMEs and establish the brand’s position in the ethical banking arena.

Financial services branding

Over the last 30 years, ThinkOTB has worked as strategic, creative and delivery partners for a number of global financial services brands. In 2020 we were proud to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade thanks to our financial services experience.

ESG and alignment to criteria such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a crucial part of new business tenders. Businesses that bank with ethical banks such as Unity Trust Bank are sure to be edging up the consideration list.

You can see more of our brand positioning and strategic work for financial services in action here.


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