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Redefining the brand for the UK’s largest charity care provider

pink tinted image of elderly man with young carer

Our challenge

Methodist Homes (MHA) sought our expertise to help redefine its brand proposition as part of an internal review. More than anything, MHA wanted to achieve consistency and continuity; they wanted a cohesive message to run through all their services and for everyone who interacted with the brand – from care home residents to staff – to be sure of who MHA are and what they stand for.

brand proposition for MHA

MHA website on a laptop

Our creative thinking

Taking findings from a brand immersion workshop, stakeholder engagement and competitor analysis, we developed proposition territories that were refined, researched and tested among focus groups.

A compelling report helped to determine MHA’s primary proposition was enabling older people to live later life well. We then developed the overarching narrative and brand story that would become an integral part of future communications. We formulated a tone of voice and tailored messaging to resonate with each audience.

MHA brand proposition and marketing strategy documents

MHA brand proposition document page

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