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Injecting personality into the BASW brand identity

BASW brand colours

Our challenge

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is the UK’s professional membership organisation for social work. They act on behalf of social workers, giving them a voice and helping them achieve the highest professional standards. BASW recently reviewed and updated their member value proposition and key messaging. The new messaging did not align with the current branding, which was quite corporate, rigid and lacking in personality. BASW are a people-centric organisation, and they wanted this to shine through both the messaging and visual identity.

branded banners for BASW

new brand identity design document for BASW

Our creative thinking

With this in mind, ThinkOTB partnered with BASW to develop the BASW visual identity, aligning it to the new proposition and messaging. The chosen visual identity was implemented across various BASW marketing materials and has helped BASW to set themselves apart from the competition to build stronger brand recognition, trust and clarity amongst customers.

branded documents for BASW

branded document for BASW

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