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What Visa has really been doing behind the scenes

October 15, 2021

The way we pay has been put under the spotlight during the pandemic and more businesses than ever have been ditching cash for card and digital payments. Innovation has been key for many businesses and like us, marketing agencies across the world have been creating marketing to support this new digital payments world.

When most of us think of payments, we think of the company we bank with, rather than the payments network enabling our money to move, such as Visa or Mastercard. With its latest brand campaign, Visa wants us to realise that consumers have a choice of payment network and that behind every transaction there is an exciting, purpose-driven brand that is innovating payment solutions and connecting the world, one payment at a time.

Much more than a credit card company

In the UK most of us think of Visa as a credit and debit card company, but the brand operates in 200 countries and territories helping economies thrive. In countries where cash is still king and there is the desire to go cashless, Visa helps banks educate citizens on the security and practicalities of digital payments and dispel the idea that credit cards are for people who are unable to manage their money.

By widening the availability of cards and digital payments, Visa is helping businesses of all sizes compete in a global economy. They can accept online payments, make cross-border payments, and open up new revenue streams.

New look for Visa

We’re already seeing the evolved brand identity and the new ‘Meet Visa’ campaign on TV, buses, social, and there’s more to come in 2021:

unveiling a short film directed by Malik Hassan Sayeed that invites the world to ‘Meet Visa,’ a network working for everyone. Complementing this introductory film is a series of shorter digital films and photography that showcase the breadth of the Visa network working to provide access and advancing commerce for real people in real places around the world.”

In the UK, Visa is growing its social purpose and values giving everyone an equal footing in the way they pay and to open up opportunities that help economies thrive. This is just the start of Visa’s brand evolution… we’re excited to see what’s next!


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