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What Euro 2020 can teach marketers

June 16, 2021

England played a strong match against Croatia on Sunday and although Southgate, the players and fans will all tell you different reasons for the well-deserved 1-0 win, we believe a major factor in the win was teamwork (and the fans, of course!). So here we look at what Euro 2020 can teach marketing agencies and brand marketers about creating teams that bring it home.

Strong leadership

Southgate was widely criticised for his team selection. Many didn’t mince their words on social media telling him that they could do a better job and that Grealish and many others should be on the team sheet ahead of Sterling. But the strength of a good team manager is knowing your team better than your critics do and building a rounded team which provides the complete skill set that’s needed to get the job done. Just like Southgate, a marketing team leader needs to boost morale in a team, strengthen the existing team skills, and build trust amongst teammates.

Playing to individual’s strengths

Whether you’re planning a Euro 2020 campaign or a brand marketing campaign, every team member brings a raft of skills to the group. A good marketing manager will highlight and develop everyone’s strengths and encourage the team to seek new skills out in each other. Here at ThinkOTB, we believe the strongest teams are those that recognise people’s different perspectives on the same goal and use those passions and talents to create something new that speaks to everyone.

Positivity from failure

Just like England can’t win every match, marketers can’t make every campaign a winner. But it’s often more valuable to lose because it gives the marketing team the opportunity to reflect on what went wrong, learn from it, and work stronger together next time. Good managers build a positive team environment where everyone feels supported in the face of failure so that one loss here and there doesn’t destroy morale or come down heavily on one team member.

A shared goal

Whether it’s campaign successes or small tactical victories, the road to a big win is a tough one for a brand and a football team. But the highs and lows of putting in the hours, doing the tedious jobs and getting match-fit are what bonds teammates together. These trails build trust, build understanding of each other and build a shared dedication to succeed. Teams that don’t have this shared desire often fail long before they reach a big win.

Staying loyal to the fans

Just like England’s fans, a brand’s loyal customers are what spurs a marketing team on to do bigger and bolder creative, to test out new offers and to innovate new products. Customer loyalty, like fan love, is intoxicating and is what keeps the marketing team playing their best game.We’ve got high hopes for England this year (just like every Euro!) and whether they win or lose, there are valuable team lessons all marketers can take inspiration from. If England win Euro 2020, we’ll be sure it was because of their strong leadership, loyal fans, shared hopes and playing to everyone’s strengths. If they go out early, we’ll stay positive and look to the World Cup!

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