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Shivers up our spines: Great marketing campaigns

September 16, 2021

Working in a marketing agency, you never switch off! We see a great TV ad and scribble it down. You’ll see us stopping to stare at a perfect billboard (while others stare at you and wonder what you’re doing!) and we’re chatting about it in the office next day!We all love different ads, rave about different approaches and want to know more about different styles. So, here are a few of our personal favourite memorable TV adverts and marketing campaigns of all time.

Sarah, Copywriter

“There have been so many memorable adverts over the years, but today, it’s DHL’s ‘Keep up with the clicks’ that sends shivers up my spine (in the best possible way!).It’s not the way it’s shot or the product it’s selling, it’s the rhythm, anticipation and lovely little insights that are stuffed into every word of that beautiful poem… “you’ve got to keep up with the clicks”. It’s almost like a Dr Seuss story in how it’s articulated!The dialogue in an advert can be just as important and memorable as the visuals.”

Katy, work placement

 “I think my favourite marketing campaign has to be Coca Cola ‘Share a coke with’ which was first launched in the UK in 2013. They replaced their usual branding with 150 of the UK’s most popular names. Each of these had #shareacoke written on them to encourage users to promote the brand online.I really liked this campaign as it targeted all demographics and was unique, affordable, and personalised. It encouraged more personal relationships with customers and inspired shared moments of happiness. It also led to people collecting bottles and trying to find new, unusual names!”

Sarah, Account Director

“I really love the Proctor and Gamble Ad that ran during the London Olympics in 2012. The campaign was called “Thank you Mom” and the ad was “Best job”. It was really emotive. Any ad that makes you cry and pulls on the heartstrings is powerful!

It was a universal story and I was a new mum at the time (washing lots of extra laundry!) so it really resonated with me and does so even more today as my kids have got older – so it has longevity and has definitely stood the test of time. I think it showed P&G really understands their audience and what mums do.”

Dave, Creative Director

“It’s really hard to pick! There are so many memorable adverts out there. But one of my favourites was Sony Bravia LCD TV, Colour Like no Other. The fact that it’s all shot in lens with thousands of balls in just one take, is incredible. I love that it visually encapsulates the line ‘colour like no other’ effortlessly, and that it was just so simple and a moment of pure joy. Who would not have loved to have taken cover when 100,000 colourful bouncy balls are flying at you? TV gold! I remember waiting excitedly for the follow up, which had paint cannons being set off in time to orchestral music, and not loving it anywhere near as much. So it’s got a special place in my heart.”

Mark, Chairman

“One of my favourite adverts of all time has to be Honda’s ‘The Cog’. It’s 2 minutes long so it was only broadcast 10 times over a 10 day period in 2003, so it’s a testament to how well made it is that it’s still remembered to this day.It follows the parts of a disassembled Accord car colliding like dominos in an elegant display. It’s really mesmerising to watch! And hard to believe it’s all practical effects with no CGI. It cost £1 million to make but I’m sure Honda would agree it was worth every penny. Two other commercials were released later that year as part of the same campaign, ‘Sense’ and ‘Everyday’. They’re not quite as breathtaking or innovative as ‘The Cog’.”

Narrowing down our most memorable adverts was tough work, but these are some of the best of the best! If you’re in need of advice on creating a smashing campaign like these, we offer industry-leading services. Find out more about what we do here and get in touch to talk marketing.


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