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OTB’s top tips for B2B marketing success

June 29, 2020

Succeeding in the world of B2B. That’s because B2B marketing strategies aren’t like traditional marketing and advertising. It takes a unique combination of tools, techniques and experience to succeed in this area. Luckily for you, though, we have over 30 years-experience in marketing to professionals in a wide range of sectors and are prepared to give you a few pointers for free.

So, let’s not mess about. Here are the ThinkOTB top ten tips for B2B marketing strategies that really work… in no particular order.

1. Focus on what other businesses need and not what your company wants

It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many businesses try to railroad their wants and desires onto other businesses and then wonder why their efforts don’t succeed. Remember, the number one thing people ask in consumer marketing is ‘what’s in it for me?’.

The number one thing people ask in B2B marketing is ‘what’s in it for me and my business?’. So, focus on benefit led marketing messages, what will your offering or product do for the people you are targeting. Will it streamline the working day? Does it reduce faults on a production line? Will it reduce friction between employees and make productivity rise?

For B2B lead generation, spend time focussing on benefit led messages. Then, sit back and watch the leads come rolling in.

2. Recognise that high value targets can’t be hooked using a wide net

We’ve all had them. The generic cut and paste marketing message that’s just bashed out in the hope of getting a lead from a key decision maker. When you’ve spent years sacrificing your personal life to build a business or rise the ranks in a major organisation to become a key decision maker, there’s nothing more insulting than someone sending you a ‘cut and paste’ marketing message in the hope of you engaging with them.

If you’re going to target key decision makers and recognise that they have a great deal of value to your business, then take the time to research them, understand them and contact them in a way that flatters them as an individual and recognises their achievements.

One of the most famous mailings in direct mail history for a car manufacturer was by Bentley. No two mailings were alike. They researched their audience (one being Hugh Grant) who has a passion for rowing from his days at Oxford. As a result, he was sent a mailing that gave him a pair of rowing oars. Yes, it was an expensive way to get his attention, yes, but get his attention it did.

Recognise the value in your target and target them with respect and value and watch them become a customer.

3. Don’t rely on social media or email… pick up the phone

The art of the sales call has been lost. Tarnished by call centres cold calling people with scripted sales messages. Yet, the old-fashioned phone call still has power f you do it yourself. The power of one key decision maker calling another in a business to ask them about their challenges is still a powerful tool.

Yes, you might be shy on the phone. Of course, you worry about rejection. Who doesn’t? But we guarantee if you give it a try ten-times you’ll get one success. You’ll have permission to send them a follow-up by mail or email. Your message will be looked out for and not just deleted or thrown in the bin.

The key is getting your sales patter just right and focussed on point one in this list. And that’s where the experts at OTB come in.

4. Get your thoughts out there on LinkedIn

Say, for example, you’re wanting to sell widgets to engineering companies or PPE to hospitals… Understand the challenges that these sectors face and again how your product or service can make improvements in these areas. You need to present them with a solution to an everyday problem. Get busy finding angles and posting content targeted at decision makers in these areas. Use a range of persuasive writing techniques that will get your articles clicked on and read. Become an authority in these areas! That way, when people are looking for products they’ll recognise and remember your value. Then, you’ll become part of the mix of suppliers.

Don’t know how to generate angles or who to target? Then speak to us here at outside the Box and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

5. Build on the tried and trusted but don’t be afraid to fail with something new… as eventually you’ll find a new tried and trusted

No one likes to fail. That’s why people rely on certain trusted media channels and messages. They know if they send out a volume of communications and get a 0.01% response rate then it counts as a success. Yet there are so many new things to try. It’s only the fear of failure that is holding you back!

For example, on a hot summer’s day why not pay for an ice cream truck to visit the head office of a client you want to impress and brand it up with your company? Or send a car valeting company to a head office and offer to valet all the company director’s cars… leaving a cute marketing leave-behind in each car so they know who was responsible for this kind gesture.

There are lots of fun and effective ways you can use beyond the traditional that don’t always cost the earth and can generate leads.

For more great B2B marketing strategies, get in touch with our managing partner Joanne Waddington. Call on 0113 216 2820 or email: joanne.waddington@think-otb-old.local


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