ThinkOTB Agency

Introducing a new perspective on marketing: innovation marketing from ThinkOTB

November 12, 2020

“Right now, businesses are rapidly…pivoting to meet consumer demand” says our director, Tina Catling. And she’s spot on. Right now, our customers are demanding more of our innovation services to give a new perspective on their marketing and business challenges.

So we’ve listened, pivoted and rebranded to… ThinkOTB, the innovation marketing agency.

“For over 15 years we have offered innovation consultancy and creative marketing agency services through two separate workstreams – Think and OTB Agency. But after working together on multiple projects and seeing the amplified benefits to our clients of combining the two, we’ve decided to bring innovation marketing to life.

What is innovation marketing?

The move makes us one of the first agencies in Leeds to offer innovation marketing to our clients. It simply means that by getting our clients to think differently, we can give them a new perspective on their marketing challenges, then we can help bring those new ideas to market in the most relevant, resilient and successful way.

Innovation marketing has already turned obstacle into opportunity for Morgan Sindall, Sellafield and National Grid. What has changed is that, whereas our creative marketing agency clients come to us with the brief written and media defined, clients who need our innovation marketing services come to us much earlier.

They call ThinkOTB when they’re trying to define their unique challenge – and it isn’t always a marketing challenge. It can be a whole-of-business challenge. So they might ask, “How do we change our toxic company culture?”, “How do we win this high-value new business bid?” or “How do we target high-wealth donors?”

We work with the organisation to first properly define the challenge (because that’s half the battle often) and then apply our tried and tested techniques to their problem. The team generate many possible innovative solutions. By testing, refining, and defining the most effective solution and delivering multiple marketing communications – from brand and content, to digital and motion – our team ensure the solution maximises its true potential and enhances ROI for our client.