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How influencers are driving growth

November 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered how social media influencers can help you to grow your business?In 2020 there were huge changes in trends – we saw a shift in brands’ digital marketing strategy and how they approached communications with customers. Lack of physical contact encouraged people to spend more time online using social media. Marketing agencies and marketers turned to influencers to tell the brand story during the crisis and drive engagement with their target audiences… and it’s a trend that brands can continue to use to drive their marketing strategy. In this blog we share five ways influencer marketing can build your brand.

Why influencers are so successful in driving growth

Using influencers can have an enormous impact on driving sales in a business. In fact, 89% of marketers say it’s more effective than other channels. When a trendsetting influencer who aligns with your brand is able to convey your message to a relevant audience, your brand can be seen as a new concept and customers are likely to want to follow. In today’s digital era, social content creators with niche audiences can often offer more value to brands. These influencers have dedicated and engaged groups of followers on social media; in turn their followers will feel a strong connection to the brand which will lead them to buy products and increase business.

5 ways influencer marketing benefits your brand

1. Increases your ROI

The return on investment for influencer marketing compared to other digital methods is what makes it stand out the most. Influencer marketing has an ROI 8 to 11 times higher than other digital media, which makes it a valuable marketing tool for the long term.

2. Greater reach

Influencer marketing can expose brands to many new audiences you may not be able to reach on your own and who may not even be aware of the brand but know the influencer. This will convert visibility into sales.

3. Higher SEO ranking

When trusted, popular and relevant influencers mention your brand on their blogs or videos, you generate high quality backlinks to your website. Google loves high quality links, which means searches for your brand will often increase as can traffic on your website. This is important for your brand as the more website traffic you get, the more conversions and sales you should see.

4. Win long-term partnerships

Brands can build lasting partnerships with influencers that lead to long-term success by building brand awareness slowly over time. For example, Molly Mae, a contestant on the fifth series of ITV2’s Love Island used her popularity to gain 6 million followers on Instagram and become a very relevant, popular and trusted influencer. Savvy fashion brand PrettyLittleThing snapped up Molly Mae as their brand ambassador and has recently been appointed their Creative Director due to her huge impact on the brand and their audiences.

5. Builds trust in your brand

When collaborating with an influencer which is trusted by the target market, confidence and credibility factors in your brand are usually higher. When the message the influencer portrays is genuine, consumers pay more attention and will be more likely to respond. The target audience see the influencer as credible; the customer trusts this information and encourages them to buy the brand.

Overall, influencer marketing is a strategy used by many brands. It is an excellent tool that increases awareness, retention and in turn, sales. With the increase of internet users, especially following COVID-19, influencer marketing is a strategy that will carry on growing. We predict it will soon be an integral part of brands’ marketing strategy. Does influencer marketing sounds like the right way to grow your brand’s presence? Then get in touch with our team, we can help you get started.