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How can marketing improve the UK’s mental health?

June 28, 2022

The quality and accessibility of mental health care has been under the microscope in the UK for a number of years. The pandemic only seemed to highlight more areas of concern. So, how can a marketing agency play a role in improving mental health care?

ThinkOTB is proud to be working with Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT). They are a Trust dedicated to mental health and learning disabilities care in Leeds. In one project for LYPFT, we are collaborating with the Research and Development Department to evolve its proposition.

Members of the public don’t tend to think of NHS departments as having individual identities or brands. By tapping into our 30 years of strategic healthcare experience, ThinkOTB is helping this incredible, but small, department get noticed. Together, we’ll define who it is, what it does best, and where it fits in this fiercely competitive research landscape.

Sarah Cooper, Head of Research and Development at LYPFT, said “Our Trust’s purpose is improving health and improving lives. That’s exactly what my department does. Clarifying our proposition and evolving a united look and feel will support our strategic goals, get more clinical staff and volunteers involved, and empower us to deliver more vital mental health research for the communities we serve.”

What kind of mental health R&D happens in Leeds?

LYPFT’s R&D department is a specialist in conducting cutting-edge research in care homes and schools. They help to shape the future of mental health care for children, older people, and those living with dementia. It offers much sought-after expertise and its research excellence. However, the department operates in a landscape where securing funding and recognition for its research is highly competitive.

ThinkOTB can give the department the tools and confidence to secure more funding for research in Leeds. This gives local people living with mental health issues and their carers, the opportunity to take part in research. This allows them to try innovative treatments sooner than they would anywhere else in the UK, and even the world.

We’re delighted to be using our marketing skills to improve mental health again. You can read how ThinkOTB helped another healthcare organisation define its purpose and provide faster healthcare to more people, here.


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