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Greggs: Masters in baking & marketing

November 6, 2018

Greggs. It’s a British institution. Sausage Rolls for under a quid, a breakfast bap with a coffee for £2.25 and sugary delights fit for any occasion. It isn’t hard to see why it remains a nation favourite. If you live in Leeds, chances are you’ll be more familiar with the bright blue lights than most. They are everywhere! Our compact city’s obsession with baked goods has taken the number of city centre locations well into double figures, not to mention the surrounding areas of Leeds!

One thing that has won Greggs more admirers than just their selection of baked goods is their novel approach to marketing. They aren’t pretending to be something they are not, and they are embracing their image as a low-budget bakery. Rather than spending money on trying to enhance their image, they are owning it. A string of recent campaigns are testament to this. The latest comes in the form of a stunt where they changed the appearance of their sign, so it could be read by passers-by in the Newcastle branch of Fenwick’s Christmas display that is situated opposite the store.

The ploy ensures that those enjoying the Fenwick Christmas display now cannot escape the blue, white and orange allure of the Greggs logo as it permeates the wintery landscape like a siren song in the night. It also means that Greggs enthusiasts can now take a selfie in front of the sign without their social media uploads being compromised (eating copious amounts of Steak Bakes no longer qualifies as showing your appreciation).

This stunt comes in the wake of a Valentine’s Day at Greggs and the Greggs Advent Calendar. Greggs know that they won’t be taken seriously with these PR ploys, but it does inject some fun into the brand and the high street as a whole. They aren’t trying to establish themselves as an artisanal baker that wouldn’t look out of place in a salubrious part of West London – they are comfortable in their own skin and their sense of humour comes across brilliantly in these campaigns.

Yes, this type of marketing does have a sell-by date, but Greggs are embracing its short-time impact to insert some personality into the brand while attempting to increase overall awareness of the brand.


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