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Easter: the right time for brand innovation

March 12, 2021

This year it feels like Easter will represent hope and a fresh start more than ever before. We have the ‘roadmap to normality’, the warmer weather is coming, and we have consumers who are itching to spend! So this Easter is not the time for marketers or marketing agencies to play it safe with Easter bunnies and egg puns. Easter 2021 is the time for innovation, inspiration and invigoration!

Brands have changed over the last 12 months. They’ve had to, to work within restrictions and adapt to consumer needs. So, your Easter marketing campaign is a great opportunity to shout to consumers about how the brand has changed. Inspire your customers with great new features you’ve created just to help them, show how you’ve listened and evolved over the year. Let your customers see you differently.

Doing ‘different’ properly

For many brands, stepping away from tried and tested propositions is difficult. It requires new thinking, and being a bit daring, but the results can be incredible. At ThinkOTB we guide brands through the innovation process. This ensures that new brand propositions and marketing campaigns are robust, fully tested and backed by our experts. We’ll help you from go live to “oh my, look at those numbers!”.

Whether it’s a new brand proposition, a marketing campaign or a new market strategy that your brand is wanting to innovate, it all starts with a workshop. We use a wide range of established techniques to help break down barriers to thinking and explore new options. With a huge range of ideas on the table we put on our logical heads and test them against the goals of your brand’s brief. The strongest ideas are taken forward to prototype and tested with the brand’s internal audiences and consumer groups. The most powerful idea gets taken to market with a high-impact marketing campaign to make it as impactful as possible.

If you plan to make Easter your brand’s time for innovation, inspiration and invigoration, get in touch with ThinkOTB for support.


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