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Together we made it happen for Leeds Building Society

Our challenge

ThinkOTB were given the challenge to come up with creative concepts for Leeds Building Society’s (LBS) sponsorship of Leeds Rhinos. They were looking for ideas that promoted their ‘Together we make things happen’ brand principle, to the Leeds Rhinos’ audience and that would raise brand awareness at the remaining home games.

Our creative thinking

People, helping people, is what LBS stand for. Without their members there would be no LBS. Without the fans there would be no Leeds Rhinos. We wanted to come up with a creative concept that championed the fans and how everyone helps to play a part in the success of the team. Celebrating the relationship between LBS, Leeds Rhinos and the fans ‘Together making things happen’.

We came up with the ‘Rhino Mile’ concept and created a short film featuring LBS staff and star Rhinos players calling on supporters to grab a rugby ball and get someone to film them passing a ball. Video clips were uploaded and shared via Facebook using the hashtag #LBSRhinoMile. The goal was to create the equivalent of a mile of rugby passes by the end of the season (660 passes). Promotional activity in the fanzone areas, tannoy announcements, match programmes, video content for the big screen and social posts helped to create reach and together we made it happen!

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