OTB takes a look at our favourite marketing campaigns this Father’s Day

In case you forgot, this Sunday 21st June is Father’s Day and if you haven’t already, now’s the time to get shopping, card writing and present wrapping. Although the frenzy that surrounds Mother’s Day advertising is never quite replicated when it comes to Father’s Day, over the years a number of companies have created some memorable marketing campaigns to drive sales and brand recognition as the summer season gets well under way. This week OTB takes a look at our favourite advertising campaigns of recent years…


Online shopping website and one-stop-shop for handmade and personalised gifts notonthehighstreet.comlaunched their ‘biggest ever’ marketing campaign this year with the brand message of something for ‘each and every kind’ of dad. By using an integrated marketing approach which blends traditional TV and press advertising with social media engagement opportunities, Notonthehighstreet have created a simple, feel good campaign for the occasion which was aptly entitled ‘Here’s to Dads’. Through encouraging dads to share their Father’s Day moments with the world using the hashtag #dadventures, Notonthehighstreet have succeeded in creating a campaign which drives engagement and user-generated content – marketing gold for any retailer large or small!

According to an article by The Drum, Notonthehighstreet’s marketing director Ben Carter said “Father’s Day is a very big gifting occasion for us […] the campaign represents the very essence of what is magical about the relationships dads have with their children and the magical moments created by dads in households across the country. Here’s to the dads!”


Renowned for their innovative marketing campaigns that in recent years have often turned viral as with their iconic 2013 ’Real Beauty Sketches’ video, which now boasts an close to an impressive 66 million views on YouTube, it is perhaps not surprising that last year Dove turned their attention to designing a captivating Father’s Day campaign entitled ‘Calls for Dads’.

The short video, which shows 28 Fathers in a series of short clips depicting every-day situations between dads and their children and asks ‘for all the times they’ve answered our call, isn’t it time we celebrate dads?’, is simple and moving in equal measure. Dove Men succeeded in creating another winning campaign in line with the brand’s iconic story-telling, inspirational style, and although the campaign didn’t quite generate the same media frenzy as some of Dove’s previous advertisements, the campaign continued to promote Dove’s positive brand image and spirit of creativity when it comes to marketing.


If Unilever created a Father’s Day gem with their Dove advert, P&G’s Father’s Day success came in the form of Oral B. As Go Digital Marketing pointed out although dental care may not scream perfect Father’s Day gift, Oral B’s ‘The Power of Dad’ campaign uses YouTube-based user generated content of ‘real’ dads blended together to create an authentic, powerful advert which captures the spirit of the celebration.

With a number of different videos in the series and the tag line ‘Every step of the way, Dad’s had a smile for you’, Oral B proved that simplicity can work best when it comes to creating emotional advertising to connect products with customers.

Whatever you do to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, there’s a marketing campaign out there to get you in the spirit and a brand looking to remind you they’re there when you need a gift.

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