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7 ways to be kind at work

February 5, 2020

We live in a brutal world. People wear their lack of empathy as a badge of honour, and we’re quick to mock when we should try to understand. It isn’t deemed cool to be kind, considerate or generally nice.

So, let’s extend some of that famous northern hospitality and reverse this most inhuman trend. And what better time to start than World Kindness Day! If you aren’t a natural ray of sunshine, radiating positivity and compassion, why not start today?!

Random acts of kindness are unexpected things we can do to brighten up someone’s day; they don’t require lots of effort and can help garner a positive atmosphere in your workplace. Plus, it’ll help you build an happy brand and enjoy all the benefits associated with it.

Here’s what you can do to spread good vibes in your office:

Pay someone a compliment

Pay someone a private compliment in passing or heap praise on an individual for their work during an internal meeting – either one is sure to lift someone’s mood!

Be a feeder

Is a certain colleague always eyeing up your lunch, or raving about the smells coming from your lunchbox? Surprise them with an extra portion for lunch and save them from resorting to the beige malaise of another meal deal!

Sweeten someone’s day

Anyone who works in an office knows the world of difference a tray of freshly baked goods can do for morale. Even if you aren’t a baker, why not bring in some shop bought goods and give your colleagues a sugar rush to see them through that mid-afternoon slump.

Fix someone a cuppa

You’ve spotted a co-worker in need of a little pick me up in the form of a caffeine boost – instead of pointing out how tired they look, help them out! This small gesture will go a long way to re-energising them.

Give someone a lift

Whether it’s pissing out of the heavens or it’s just been a stressful day at the office, give someone a lift home. It might be a little out of your way but getting home that bit earlier will do a weary co-worker the world of good!

Lighten the load

This one will get you in the good books of your colleagues and manager – win-win! If you see a colleague struggling with their workload and you have some spare time, why not lend a hand? They’re sure to appreciate it.

Offer up your seat

Why limit your newfound kindness to the four walls of the office? Instead of defending your seat like the last 50-inch telly in an Asda Black Friday sale, rejecting all hopeful glances in your direction – GIVE IT UP! Make someone’s day that bit easier – be they pregnant, old, injured, tired or generally look like they’re in need of a sit down.

With these small acts of kindness you can make your workplace that bit nicer to work in.

What random acts of kindness have you done for a colleague recently? What effect did this have on their mood? Share your stories of when you’ve been kind at work with us @otbtweeter


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