We use workshops to engage, co-operate and collaborate whilst embedding the skills needed to sustain innovation.

We custom-build workshops to your individual requirements, or we can recommend a programme of workshops from our collection, safe in the knowledge that they have been delivered successfully all over the world.

Gives a new perspective on: what is the right challenge to solve?

‘One Day to Think’

Normally run with teams of up to 30 people, this is designed to work on a wide range of opportunities. We embed thinking tools experientially to enable teams to create innovative ideas for a new product, a new service, a new way of working – on any business issue or opportunity. Fast. Effective. Efficient. Fun.

Power of Three (Po3)

The Po3 workshop fully embraces the need for fresh input of new ideas. Po3 invites three organisations – one of them a charity (they come for free) to meet for a one-day workshop. Each organisation brings a team of up to 10 people and one issue. During the workshop you will work on three different issues, which keeps it fresh and interesting for everyone – and provides you with an external perspective. It is so much more interesting to work on someone else’s challenge!

New Product Development (NPD)

NPD workshops are designed to engage and inspire fresh new thinking and then filter these ideas, selecting the best solutions to move forward with. Speed to market is always key as we work through our specially designed process to get the great products out there fast.

Drawing on The Right Side

An inspiring workshop where your thoughts and ideas are literally ‘drawn’ out using a facilitator and an illustrator. Artists work with our clients during the workshop and the images become a lasting reference / touch point for all participants to refer back to – no more stuffy piles of A4!

Gives a new perspective on: where is the market opportunity?

Come to Your Senses

This workshop is a totally fresh idea where participants bring elements from all the senses to help them think in new ways about a range of topics from branding to NPD. What flavour is your brand?

U New?

This workshop is a specially designed ‘creative challenge’ workshop for new people coming into a company who have creative thinking and/or innovation as a key competence. This can be developed as part of your induction process.

Idea Selection

Sometimes coming up with the ideas is not the challenge, it’s what to do with them all. This workshop takes a bucket of ideas that have previously been created and works with the team using idea-selection tools and techniques.

Shell Scenarios

No one really knows what is going to happen so how can we get ready for anything? We design and facilitate a number of scenario planning workshops that broaden thinking and build flexibility.

£1m Meetings

In the current Western economic climate, a really popular workshop is to ‘find the money’. Organisations work with ThinkOTB to gather stakeholders from across their organisation with the aim of either making more money or saving more money. We explore innovative ways to achieve the goal of finding one million pounds, euros, dollars, yen…

Curious Lunchtimes

Forget the lunch break, this is a mind break – speed dating for creating ideas and freshening up a team’s thinking. This enables teams to think in interesting and new ways – all in one lunchtime.

Top Relationships

Improve relationships with customers and suppliers by engaging in collaborative workshops, working creatively together to create win–wins. Pick your most important customer or supplier and use us to drive through better ways of working or better solutions to the key issues. So much more effective than another day at the races.

Accelerated Solution Team

This workshop works quickly with your team to tackle high pressure, time-short projects. A fast-paced workshop where we create insights and ideas with a focused team in two hours. A brain workout, real solutions, real decisions – fast.

Gives a new perspective on: how do we differentiate the new product?

Dragons’ Den

Workshop on key issues for the company that culminates in a Dragons’ Den. We set up the final presentations of the newly generated ideas with real Dragons from inside and outside your organisation. You will be amazed at the impact this will have on your team.

Customer Design Experience

We marry your business drivers with customer needs to create unique, engaging, effective, customer experiences that define business strategies. Create world-class customer journeys through mapping the ‘moments that matter’ and then thinking creatively about those, to engineer solutions that amaze and delight customers.


Ensure the team is ready at the start of a project by working together to decide who is Responsible, who is Accountable and who is going to be Consulted and Informed – it works and saves a lot of time and tears later on. Success in innovation – as in all things – begins with perfect planning.

Plan it – Time Travel

Working together the team creates a physical timeline – literally on the floor and they can then WALK forwards in time and look over the issues. How can we work smarter and leaner together? How can we do it quicker? What issues can we anticipate?

Our unique
test-and-learn approach to success

We believe innovation and creativity can be unlocked with science. Our unique five-stage approach to all briefs has helped us master the art of ensuring our clients achieve profitable growth.

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