Insightful and powerful marketing and advertising planning and strategy

Creating powerful messages, designs and ideas is one thing, but making sure they reach the right audiences and speak to them in the right way is another. From campaign planning to uncovering audience insights and helping to uncover market opportunities, our planning and strategy team have a wide range of tools and clever brains to ensure your activity is focussed in the right areas and your messages are impactful and help overcome objections and trigger motivations to purchase or react.

OTB Strategy Service

Here are just some of the marketing and advertising strategy and planning services that we offer:

Audience insights for B2B and B2C campaigns

Understanding your audience, whether you’re marketing to businesses or consumers requires a combination of smart marketing brains and also insight tools. We have helped companies small and large better reach existing audiences and identify potential new ones and what messages they will be receptive to and on what platforms they can be reached. These insights are then poured into every piece of work we produce for you to ensure they deliver significant value to your bottom line.

Competitor and market analysis

Understanding the competition and what potential gaps there are in any market is key to achieving marketing and advertising success as well as business growth. We can help you understand your competition better, analyse their activity and ensure your campaigns and activity are more powerful, compelling and persuasive. And if you’re interested in launching a new product or offering, we can analyse the market you are entering for you and advise you on the best strategy for launch and where to put any spend you have to ensure a significant ROI.

OTB have informed and created powerful marketing and strategy plans for:


OTB Shearing brand strategy

Shearings wanted to reposition themselves as a travel brand. Yes, they do offer exceptional coach tour packages, but this only scratches the surface in terms of what they do.


Benenden OTB Strategy case study

OTB were appointed as the lead agency to provide strategic and research services, proposition evolution and rebrand implementation for their ‘Open Eligibility’ campaign.

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