Engaging video and animated content that connects with customers emotionally

Nothing has the power that film and animated content has. It can influence buying decisions, educate customers, change opinions and give you the impact your brand and products need to significantly add value to your bottom line. We have a wide range of motion content professionals at OTB, from experts in motion concepts, scriptwriting, filming, animating and editing. Professionals who can deliver you great looking motion-based content to any deadline and for any budget.

OTB Motion Service

Here are just some of the video and animated content services we offer to clients.

Filmed content:

Whether you need a simple filmed interview or a brand film creating to tell your story, we can help. We have produced disruptive filmed content that has appeared on TV and cinema screens, on Instagram and Facebook and at events globally. And when it comes to filming for a budget, you’ll find that we’re an agency that can deliver great looking films for any budget as we know that with our imaginations and can do attitude you’ll have a film or films to be proud of that deliver results to your bottom line.

Animated content:

From short animations across social to longer animated films that educate or inspire. We have delivered engaging animated content for a wide range of clients, products and brands. Every animated film we do is thoroughly storyboarded and we can work in a wide range of animation styles. This means that you’re left in no doubt that your animated film or films will communicate the messages you need and emotionally engage in ways that will give you the ROI or response you want.

Video concepts and scripts:

Before any animation or filming begins you need to know that the idea is sound and disruptive, what is said is as effective as it can be and the look and feel delivers in a way that exceeds your expectations of what an agency can do. We invest a great deal in our people to ensure they can deliver filmed and animated scripts, storyboards, designs and the final films to standards that you can be proud of.

Here are just a couple of the engaging videos that OTB have created for our clients:


WYFRS OTB Video Service

It was imperative that the campaign challenged the stereotype of what constitutes a ‘typical’ firefighter in order attract a diverse pool of as many candidates as possible.

PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons OTB Video Service

PZ Cussons enlisted the help of OTB to revitalise their commercial appeal and showcase the best of their much-loved, extensive range of household favourite products.

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