Making MHA’s Brand fit for a modern care world

MHA approached OTB agency with a marketing and advertising challenge to redefine and add clarity to their brand proposition and offering. They felt that they lacked consistency and continuity and wanted to create a compelling and structured message both visually and tonally that brought all their services together and clearly communicated the MHA offering.

Our approach was collaborative and involved OTB’s unique 5-step approach to marketing and brand success which you can discover more about here. This process involved key stakeholder workshops, developing a new brand key and also interviewing employees and residents as to why they chose to both work at MHA and choose their services… which provided some invaluable insights.

From this initial work, our planning and strategy team devised a whole new brand proposition and then looked at key marketing messages and a comms strategy to how to best engage at each process in their customer journey.

From this we then created a solid design and messaging architecture that brought all their services together had created a strong and clearly defined brand guidelines for other agencies to work from. In addition we developed a strong and benefit led tone of voice that helped position MHA as a true pioneer in helping people live later life well.

MHA sought our help to redefine its brand proposition as part of an internal review. More than anything, MHA wanted to achieve consistency and continuity; they wanted a cohesive message to run through all their services and for everyone who interacted with the brand – from residents to staff – to be sure of who MHA are and what they stand for.

After conducting a brand workshop at their headquarters and compiling feedback from both stakeholders and residents, we were in a good place to bring MHA’s vision to life. We created a robust set of brand guidelines that would inform all future activity, a strapline that reassured prospective residents and a dynamic logo that cemented their relevance in a modern care world.

A truly great client with a wonderful brand that I love working on and taking care of every day

Dave Easton
OTB Creative Director

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