Unleash yours and your company’s potential with our innovation services

When it comes to helping you and your company evolve and innovate, we have an unbelievable track record in helping businesses define new services, evolve their offerings and even shape a new culture. From working alongside you day-to-day at your offices to holding innovation sessions in our creative spaces, which are perfect for thinking up the ‘new’, our innovation experts have achieved some amazing things.

OTB innovation service

Boosting your ability to innovate with the following innovation services:

Innovation consultancy

Our consulting is all about ensuring that you and your organisation are ready for the future. We ask a lot of questions and then we recommend a clear and logical solution that meets your requirements. Every client is unique but the principles of managing successful innovation programmes and unlocking creative talent are not. We take the tried and tested best practice from our consultants working in the biggest and best organisations around the world and ensure it fits your organisation perfectly. As innovation begins with people, that’s where we always start. We get to know the aspirations, values and vision of your team and we ensure that any work we do aligns with those. We recommend practical, tried and tested support that includes a range of people and process elements.

Innovation training camps

Training is different to workshops and events because we train skills, not necessarily working on your organisation’s issues or opportunities. Our camps usually cover the following areas to help embed an innovation mindset in your people. During the fascinating, active, challenging, practical and participative camp, you will learn to think about how you think. You will take a journey though the human mind to consider how your mind works and how you can tap into superior levels of thinking to vastly improve your success in work and life. You will learn the secrets of professional creative thinkers and leave with the tools and techniques that you can readily adapt in your workplace.

Innovation workshops

We run a wide range of different innovation workshops to suit your needs. Workshops to hep engage, co-operate and collaborate whilst embedding the skills needed to sustain innovation. We custom-build workshops to your individual requirements as well as having a number of ready to deliver workshops, that use tried and tested methods, that we know will deliver the outcome your business and people need.

OTB have helped these companies evolve and innovate:

National Grid

OTB Innovation Service

As one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, National Grid position themselves as leaders in innovation. And it’s a good job too, because this project centred around innovation.

Direct Holidays

OTB Direct Holidays Innovation

Challenging the status quo was a key component of this brief, as they were going up against larger competitors, so plenty of quirky ideas and communication touchpoints were required to make them stand out.

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