Effective and emotionally driven content marketing

Great content has the power to do so much. It can enhance your brand, drive awareness and more importantly increase your sales and profits. Our emotionally driven approach here at OTB has been proven to achieve all this and so much more. Our content marketing offering is competitive, disruptive and can be applied across a wide range of platforms.

OTB Content Service

Here are just some of the content marketing services we offer to clients:

Content marketing planning strategy and reporting:

Knowing where to put your efforts in terms of content marketing is incredibly important. We have helped a wide range of clients generate content ideas designed to achieve their business objectives as well as worked with them to ensure their spend is put on the right platforms for the, not just because they exist. From holding editorial idea generation sessions to creating content marketing timing plans and reporting on results with easy to understand dashboards; we take pride in knowing we can deliver you the right content that gets results.

Blog posts and articles:

From content rich articles about medical engineering to fun pieces on how to set up a pool table. Our content marketing writers here at Outside the Box can create engaging content across a wide range of B2B and B2C subjects. They conduct thorough research into subjects, conduct interviews and can write in a wide range of tones to ensure your content marketing articles and blog posts generate you clicks, shares and contribute to improving your organic rankings.

Filmed and animated content marketing videos:

Whether you’re looking for a short snappy piece of animation to go on Instagram or a filmed interview that covers a complicated subject to enhance your reputation on LinkedIn, we can help. We have a team of editors, animators, storyboard artists & designers and scriptwriters who are experts in creating compelling filmed or animated content to be used across websites, YouTube, Insta or Twitter… and as well as quality content, we have a strong track record in generating those all-important responses and shares across social.

OTB has driven effective and emotionally driven content for the following clients:

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee OTB content service

OTB were chosen to create and roll out a series of campaigns for Tommee Tippee that were both engaging and reassuring to new parents. They wanted these campaigns to reinforce their position as a tried, tested and trusted helping hand that new parents could rely on.

National Trust

National Trust OTB content service

Through the creation of a high-quality, informative brochure and a B2B microsite, we generated interest and raised awareness across the country, placing their stunning locations at the forefront of business minds when planning corporate events.

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