Brand design agency ensuring you stand out from the competition and connect with customers

If your brand doesn’t stand out and emotionally connect with your customers with how it looks and what you say, then no marketing activity with get you the results you want. From brand refreshes to total brand creation, we have the strategic, design and writing minds you need to create stand out and connection with audiences of all kinds in both B2B and B2C branding.

OTB Brand Service

Here are just some of the branding services we offer:

Lead brand agency

If you’re looking to have a brand created that gives you stand out and connection, then OTB is the agency for you. Our brand planning and strategy team can help you understand the landscape you are operating in and take you on the journey to creating a brand that stands out in all the right ways. From there our design and copywriting teams will find you a look, feel and tone of voice that will give you the confidence and platform to build your marketing and advertising campaigns on.

Brand refreshes

There comes a time when every brand needs a little facelift. It’s not time for a total rebranding exercise, just time for a nip and tuck here and there to slightly modernise tings and help change perceptions. A lot of companies have trusted us to move there brand forward and help generate awareness and leads thanks to our expertise in brand design, brand writing and brand planning.

Brand roll out

Many companies find that the true expensive cost of a brand creation, rebrand or brand refresh lies in the creation of a wide range of assets from email templates to letterheads and exhibition stands. That’s why at OTB we offer a highly competitive brand roll out rate card that offers you our lowest rates in return for any brand roll-out project. Our team of artworkers, designers and writers will champion your brand look and tone of voice and ensure it remains consistent across every asset you could possibly need, whether that be online or offline.

Here at OTB we have built brands for long term success:


MHA Brand Guidelines

MHA sought our help to redefine its brand proposition as part of an internal review. More than anything, MHA wanted to achieve consistency and continuity.

Zero 2050

Zero 2050 Brand Guidelines

As one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, National Grid position themselves as leaders in innovation. And it’s a good job too, because this project centred around innovation.

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