Don’t know which marketing agency to choose? Don’t fear, OTB is here

In a sea of marketing jargon and infinite agencies to choose from to guide you through the storm, it can sometimes seem impossible to find the right company for you. Do you choose a digital specialist, a high-design agency with a reputation for print or a start-up leading the way in social? Do you find someone with local knowledge of your market and industry specialism, or an agency with international clients who can push the limits of your company beyond the confines of a border?

With so many options to consider, it is little wonder that many shy away from marketing agencies altogether and leave themselves and their organisation with unfulfilled potential and a lack of direction in their strategy. But don’t fear just yet! With a little guidance and knowledge of what’s on offer, it is possible to find the right agency for you and build a strong, results-driven strategy which suits the needs of your business and its future growth. Here’s our top tips for choosing a marketing agency…


We’re not just talking about scouring the OTB website for what we have to offer, though of course we highly recommend you do! We believe that by looking outside of the norm, by trying something out of your comfort zone and embracing innovative ideas, it is possible to make new levels of progress which are often out of reach by maintaining the status quo.

An analysis of choice among consumers by The Guardian recently found that when confronted with too many options a person is subjected to choice paralysis, and more often than not will make a very quick decision in favour of the already known, safest option. This natural instinct to stick to the status quo can create uncertainty when faced with the need to embrace something new, and choosing a marketing agency is no different.

But the ability to provide a fresh perspective, a creative approach to marketing strategy and a willingness to take calculated risks in order to drive growth can be key attributes to look for when choosing a marketing agency to work alongside you on your strategy and brand development.


The pressure to choose between digital specialists or print gurus, social media experts or direct marketing agencies can seem daunting; when really it’s likely your company needs a combination of services to create an encompassing, flexible marketing strategy that can attract the right market attention and ensure consumer loyalty to your brand.

Don’t feel the need to sacrifice one marketing aspect for another; one viable solution is to go integrated. By choosing an agency that can effectively bring together the differing elements of your marketing and create a coherent, mutually beneficial strategy it is possible to get your company noticed, in the right place at the right time. According to a LinkedIn article by Marc Woodland, the Managing Director of email marketing agency Winbox an integrated marketing strategy will ‘not only […] boost sales and profits, but it will also increase brand loyalty, save you money and increase your competitive edge.’


Clearly developing a strategy that will fulfil your marketing needs should be a collaborative, give and take process, and choosing the right agency for you is important to get this balance right. By doing plenty of research into the options available and not being afraid to articulate what you want for your agency, the task of finding the marketing agency that’s right for you should no longer seem like such a daunting process. Pick up the phone and talk to those in the know, discuss the options and start out towards your new marketing strategy.

We’re always happy to chat, drop us a line or pick up the phone to contact us today.

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