Delivering global campaigns to new parents

The adventure of being a parent is full of excitement, new experiences and unexpected challenges.

ThinkOTB were chosen to work with Tommee Tippee on two large projects, firstly creating a marketing campaign for new parents and secondly planning and delivering global campaigns for numerous product ranges.

To engage and reassure new parents, we created and rolled out a series of advertising and marketing campaigns for Tommee Tippee. They wanted these campaigns to reinforce their position as a tried, tested and trusted helping hand that new parents could rely on.

With a deep understanding of the brand and their products, we then worked in partnership with the Tommee Tippee Global Marketing Team to input on the planning, design, development and delivery stages of numerous hard-hitting global campaigns such as ‘Closer to Nature’, ‘Soothers’, ‘Explora’ and ‘Sangenic’.

We launched these campaigns internally and to a trade audience with great success, capturing the essence of the brand while elevating the esteem of their products among wholesale suppliers.

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