More than coach holidays

Shearings is Europe’s largest coach tour operator.

In fact, for some customers, that is all they do. Shearings wanted to reposition themselves as a travel brand. Yes, they do offer exceptional coach tour packages, but this only scratches the surface in terms of what they do.

Shearings offer holiday packages suitable for everyone – from European destination getaways to operating holidays in some of the UK’s most renowned locations. They wanted OTB to create a campaign that challenged public perception, drove sales in the quiet January period and demonstrated the sheer breadth of holidays available in the UK, Europe and beyond.

As part of the brand strategy, the positioning statement ‘This is’ was developed to assist this change in perception. ‘This is’ serves two purposes: it acts as a proud statement from a company assured in their brand, and when used alongside picturesque landscape images, it serves to alter the expectation of what a Shearings holiday involves.

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