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Our unique test and learn approach to marketing success

From buying a car to choosing who you want to work with; we may think that facts are what we base decisions on, but when it comes to the crunch, how we will feel is always the deciding factor. At OTB, we have mastered the art of making sense of emotions to help our clients achieve more from their marketing spend. Whether that’s been creating a booking experience that’s so uplifting it’s become part of a dream holiday adventure, or developing a proposal so compelling that it wins new contracts for a utilities supplier – our work has moved people. It has changed perception, inspired purchases and created real value. Great news for our clients’ profitability.

We believe it’s the quality of idea that gives the biggest return on marketing investment.Creativity isn’t an unexplained phenomenon. We believe creativity can be unlocked with science! Let us show you how…


Immersing ourselves in the brief. We look, buy, test, taste, try and question so that we truly understand the challenge.And we build on this in-depth insight in the next phase.


We look at the task from every angle and we expand our thinking. Investigating the features, benefits, values, and personality for a genuinely cohesive understanding. We break it down to rebuild it. We stretch our thinking and we flip our conclusions on their head. It’s the opportunity to continually generate new ideas. To generate the best idea, conceived from many.


Here all the divergent thinking is focused and we work to stabilise and strengthen our ideas – filtered to identify clear winners. To do this the ideas are given a ‘reality check’ best fitting them against factors such as budget, time, brand… It’s survival of the fittest. Ideas that survive are practical and fit for purpose.


We identify the best way to communicate our idea. We’re focused and on a mission to streamline and fine-tune. We single-mindedly map out the project’s success highlighting critical tasks. We plan and schedule to deliver on time, on budget and on brief.


Measuring the effectiveness of the campaign, be it converting sales, increasing customer base or building brand loyalty, means we have the opportunity to look at the results and ask what do they mean? The answers feed right back into the next campaign and we find ourselves beginning with the absorption phase once more. We believe in this process so much we turned it into a best selling book.

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