Meet some of the team

We’re an eclectic bunch at ThinkOTB, and that’s our strength. Among us are free thinkers, visionary leaders, sharp strategists, digital wizards, daring designers, attentive account handlers, and clever wordsmiths all making us tackle problems from multiple perspectives, sparking creativity and fuelling innovation.

We like working here

We’re passionate about what we do and we have ambitions to change the world consumer by consumer.
But we’re real people and humble humans.

Our journey so far

In 1994 we changed our name to Outside The Box but friends always called us OTB.

In 2006 we created a second and quite separate brand, called ‘Think!’ as an innovation consultancy that helps individuals, teams and organisations to innovate. 

Some clients have worked with us for up to 30 years

Now we are combining and rebranding to ThinkOTB because it’s something no-one else is delivering – Innovation Marketing. We bring our expertise in innovation and marketing together to amplify the value we bring to our clients. They enjoy more speed, more relevancy, more effectiveness and ultimately, more organisational growth from our expertise in solving challenges in an innovative way.

It’s something no-one else is delivering – Innovation Marketing

Today we are a Queen’s Awards winning company that is thriving, with clients all around the world and a reputation not just for approaching things differently and client servicing, but also for the longevity of our relationships – some of our people, some organisations, and some clients have worked with us for up to 30 years. 

“The story so far has been thrilling, challenging, hilariously funny and very sad – some incredibly high points and low points. But that makes us more resilient for the next 30 years. This company is our life, it’s in our blood.”

Mark Davies, ThinkOTB Chairman

Let's talk

Now you’ve seen how ThinkOTB partners with organisations, if you want to know more about how the power of Innovation Marketing could unlock revenue growth in your business, let’s talk.

If ThinkOTB can help, we’ll put the kettle on and talk over your business challenges and opportunities around a table or on a video call – it’s fundamentally how we like to work.

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