It’s with a heavy heart and a tear in our eye that we say goodbye to our much-loved Creative Genius, Hannah, as she flies the nest and returns to university life to complete the final year of her degree. Over the past year, Hannah has established herself as an invaluable member of the team – continually proving her undeniable creative flair and potential with outstanding client work. We have a keen interest in nurturing young, creative talent at OTB and we’re so pleased with the progress she has made. The experience has been of as much benefit to us as it hopefully has for Hannah.

The proof they say is in the pudding, so let’s have a look back at some of the great work that our little Creative Genius has produced this year with us:

We caught up with Hannah on her last day in the office to reflect on what the past year has meant to her and her future career prospects.

Have you enjoyed working at OTB, pal?

“Very much so. My time at OTB has been fantastic, I’ve laughed till I’ve cried most days, and not only did I meet some great colleagues, I met some even better friends. Each day is different at OTB and I have loved all the different opportunities that I have been exposed to.”

How has the experience been beneficial?

“I have been lucky enough to complete a year placement and it has been beneficial in terms of gaining real life industry experience in a creative marketing agency. This included working closely with clients and having to meet deadlines within a few days (instead of a few weeks) which is what I was used to with university. I’ve also been able to hone interpersonal skills which are essential when working in tandem with people and I’ve learnt loads of new skills within graphic design, motion design and art working more generally.”

Do you think the experience you’ve gained here will give you a noticeable advantage once graduating?

“Definitely. I did a few months of freelancing whilst at university before starting full-time work in an agency and found that the skills needed are so different. Being able to say I have worked for a creative agency for a year will be a big advantage when it comes to applying for jobs once I have graduated. I feel confident in the knowledge of what it takes to thrive in this industry and my extensive portfolio speaks for itself. Not only have I gained experience in production, I have also been exposed to what work undertaken outside of the agency looks like, this included; client meetings, pitches, internal meetings, TV ad shoots and filming for clients. Overall, I recommend a placement year or gaining real industry experience to any student!”

At OTB we pride ourselves on nurturing creative talent – did you feel that in your time here?

“I did. Working closely with the Creative Director and other senior members of the team gave me the chance to reflect on each piece of work, identifying positives and areas in need of improvement. I have been able to refine my existing skillset and develop new skills in areas I previously hadn’t thought about. One of the biggest challenges I have successfully navigated is my time management. When studying at university, you will tend to get 4-6 weeks to complete a deadline, so adjusting to a couple of days turnaround for client briefs took some getting used to. I now feel I am in a much stronger position and my newly found time management skills will be scrutinised and well utilised in my final year.” 

Our commitment to developing and honing future talent has only been strengthened by Hannah’s success story and in her absence, we will be on the lookout for the next burgeoning creative talent.

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