Strategic thinking makes Zero the hero

As one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, National Grid position themselves as leaders in innovation.

National Grid asked ThinkOTB to devise an innovative communications framework to convey the ambitious ‘Zero2050 South Wales’ partnership to wide-ranging stakeholders.

This is a pilot partnership between organisations, communities and government, who will be working together to achieve the climate change net-zero target. If successful, it will be rolled out across other UK regions for implementation.

Our challenge was to create an informative focal point for the campaign, raise awareness among key stakeholders, as well as encourage community engagement in South Wales.

To unite stakeholders and demonstrate the project’s national ambition, we devised a set of robust brand guidelines and a new website.

To ensure the potential of this innovative scheme reached as large an audience as possible at organisation and community levels, we supplied National Grid with further ideas for other communication touchpoints and a strong visual identity.

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