Defining new market space

Part of the Morgan Sindall Group plc, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure didn’t just want to be better than their competitors, they wanted to be in a different space to their competitors.

ThinkOTB deep-dived into their brand to identify a brand position space they could own and built the brand assets that would empower Morgan Sindall Infrastructure to fulfil this proposition.

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure have a total commitment to sustainability and provide tunnelling, utilities, building and civil engineering services for some of the largest and most complex projects in a wide range of sectors, from building motorways to constructing sewage networks and delivering leisure centres.

By investigating their multiple audiences, company insights, market opportunities, and competitor branding, ThinkOTB identified that what they are actually doing is connecting people, strengthening communities, and building greener futures. This emotional brand proposition is what will make Morgan Sindall Infrastructure deliver added value to its customers.

To communicate this new brand positioning, we created an inspiring visual identity along with a suite of brand assets and key messaging which will announce to all of Morgan Sindall Infrastructure’s audiences that they are the only brand who are improving the infrastructure of the UK for everyone, forever.

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