Powerful marketing strategy that builds your brand

For over 30 years ThinkOTB has been delivering marketing strategies that make global brands front-of-mind for prospective customers. Our marketing agency’s campaign planning and marketing strategy team use their experience and wide range of insight tools to reveal a new perspective on market opportunities, focus activity, plan media and target messaging to ensure your marketing plan engages across channels, consumers and cultures.

Audience insights for B2B and B2C strategies

Before we start devising your marketing strategy we get to know your audiences – what makes them buy and what makes them say bye. By deeply understanding their point of view we have helped companies large and small better reach existing audiences, identify potential new ones, define which messages they will be receptive to and which platforms they play on. Then we put these insights at the heart of the marketing strategy to ensure every communication delivers significant value to your bottom line.

Competitor and market analysis

Understanding the competition and identifying potential gaps in the market are key to achieving advertising success and business growth. By taking an innovative approach to market and competitor analysis, ThinkOTB are able to help you see the market in new ways and open up lucrative opportunities. Our team of marketing strategy experts help you devise the most powerful launch strategy, make your campaigns more compelling and focus your spend to ensure significant ROI.

Gives a new perspective on reaching new customers


Championing cultural change

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Challenging perceptions to reignite recruitment

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Defining new market space

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Now you’ve seen how ThinkOTB partners with organisations, if you want to know more about our marketing strategy service and how we could unlock new customers and sales opportunities, let’s talk.

If ThinkOTB can help, we’ll put the kettle on and talk over your unique challenges around a table or on a video call – it’s fundamentally how we like to work.

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