Creativity and innovation are the most important drivers to success in business. Yet IBM discovered that half of CEOs surveyed were ill-equipped to manage creativity, and 56% said they’d like to be creative… but didn’t know how.

ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop is the solution for organisations to not only manage creativity and innovation, but to create a business-wide culture of innovation, that has the power to propel organisations to success.

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    What is ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop?

    This powerful team workshop reveals the innovation process and gives colleagues the practical tools and mindset to effectively solve your organisation’s strategic problems.

    The third generation of the Adobe Kickbox, ThinkOTB has refined and enhanced the process to:

    • increase the efficiency of innovation
    • accelerate the speed of innovation
    • and measurably improve the outcomes of innovation in your organisation.

    ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop has been run hundreds of times and has trained thousands of people in organisations across the world including Google, National Grid and Unilever.

    Right now, leading organisations are embracing innovation and the issue of managing innovation at speed is on many Boardroom tables. Now is the time to give your organisation the tools to innovate, implement and prosper.

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    Does innovation need a lot of investment?

    Innovation training is so valuable that the UK Government will subsidise the cost of ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop and staffing costs through R&D expenditure credit (RDEC). Plus, we’re so confident that your organisation will benefit from our workshop that if you don’t love it, you don’t pay a penny.

    Who is it for?

    ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop is for any organisation, of any size. It’s for every department and for every employee and Board Member. Great ideas can come from anyone at any time and to adapt the old saying, take a colleague’s idea to market and they’ll innovate once. Give them the tools to think creatively and they’ll champion a culture of innovation company wide.

    How this workshop benefits organisations

    • Bespoke workshop tailored to solving your organisation’s strategic challenges
    • Qualifies for UK Government RDEC
    • Increased innovation quality, quantity and speed across the company
    • Option to run a series of workshops to train every colleague in the process to embed a culture of innovation
    • Effective system to achieve a consistent innovation process across global business sites
    • ThinkOTB can provide global internal comms to support the workshops and cultural change
    • Access to our award-winning creative marketing agency to fast-track the best ideas to market

    How this workshop benefits innovators

    • Provides the valuable tools to embed an innovation mindset in every colleague
    • By participating in solving strategic issues, colleagues enjoy increased job satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
    • Goes beyond the idea by researching, developing and improving, to produce a credible innovation which participants make ‘real’ by presenting to management
    • Option to invest up to £250 in each participant for research and realising their idea
    • Participants take away the resources and skills to innovate time and again to have more impact on the organisation

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    ‘How to Innovate’: How it works

    12 colleagues will gather on Teams (face-to-face when Government guidelines allow) where ThinkOTB’s experienced facilitator will take them through six stages, teaching them the tools and techniques needed to turn bad ideas into credible innovations. There is the option to include a pre-paid credit card (normally £100 – £250) for your organisation to invest in each participant’s research or realisation.

    Over the course of a day, participants will test, improve and validate their ideas until they reach Level Six where they will sell their idea to management. The facilitator will refine their presentation skills and management can critique the idea or take it to the Board and implement the innovation.

    Participants leave with:
    • a recording of the session
    • digital copies of the six-stage innovation process to use next time they have an idea that is too good to waste

    ThinkOTB excel in innovation

    ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop has been tried and tested hundreds of times and is credited with giving participants the tools to create incredible new products, services, company cultures and ways of working, such as the safest hard hat in the world, a new way of generating electricity, a marketing proposition to attract wealthy donors, a new lamppost design, new ice cream toppings, a way to implement cultural change… and the list goes on.

    Our facilitators have over 30 years of international experience in innovation, working with some of the biggest and most advanced organisations in the world. Our innovation doesn’t stop at the idea. ThinkOTB are masters at fast-tracking ideas to market through our creative marketing team, which means the power of innovation can be quickly realised by workshop participants.

    The facts

    • ThinkOTB ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop is fixed at £4,500 for one full day workshop
    • The workshop is delivered by a highly experienced facilitator over Teams (in person when Government guidelines allow)
    • The number of participants per workshop is capped at 12 people
    • Multiple workshops across departments and locations can be booked. When 12 workshops are booked, ThinkOTB will create a marketing kit for the ‘top’ innovation free of charge
    • A FREE taster workshop is available lasting 40 minutes. Simply complete the form below to book
    • Workshop fee includes expenses and preparation time to ensure the workshop is tailored to your organisation’s requirements. The pre-paid credit card (up to £250) is an extra cost if required.
    • If you are not completely satisfied with the workshop, ThinkOTB will cancel the workshop fee

    Enquire about our FREE taster workshop now

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