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Unlocking innovation made easy

Step-by-step ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop

Boosting your team’s creative thinking isn’t hard with ThinkOTB’s practical innovation workshop 

In one fascinating day, participants will change how they think forever.
They’ll take away the:

Powerful tools to innovate – not once, but time and time again

Drive and excitement to solve challenges in the organisation 

Motivation to increase their creativity… and the organisation’s profitability

Innovation is what differentiates today’s most dynamic companies

This highly-effective, energising and fun workshop teaches your team to innovate in just one day! 

Try before you buy and witness the impact of the workshop for yourself without committing

In only one day we’ll turn your team into effective innovators

For up to 12 people (that’s just £375pp and who knows how much profit one of their ideas will generate?)

“The most entertaining training session I’ve ever been to – most enjoyable and creative. Highly recommended!”

Eleanor Shepard, Global Payments

‘How to Innovate’ Workshop: the easy way to kick start innovation

When it comes to tackling the organisation’s strategic issues, our unique, one-day workshop turns “not my problem” into “BRING. IT. ON!”. Our highly experienced, fired-up Facilitators will reveal the secret to effective, efficient and exciting innovation to give every employee (right up to the Board and CEO) the skills, confidence and passion to innovate – not once, but over and over, so that they play a valuable role in unlocking the growth potential in the organisation.

Could you claim money back?

Check now within your organisation if you can claim back the costs of this workshop through the UK Government’s R&D expenditure credit (RDEC) scheme.

Practical tools to learn the innovation process

Empowers & inspires colleagues to solve strategic challenges

Measurably improves innovation outcomes in the organisation 

Who shouldn’t take this workshop?

…The people who don’t need to think! 

Great ideas can come from anyone at any time, it’s knowing what to do with it that turns it into a great innovation. So this workshop is designed for anyone who has to think in their role.

To adapt the old saying: take a colleague’s idea to market and they’ll innovate once. Give them the tools to think creatively and they’ll champion a culture of innovation company wide.

How ‘How to Innovate’ works

This invigorating day is unlike any training the team will have done before! ThinkOTB has refined this third generation of the Adobe Kickbox to ensure participants come out bursting with ideas, highly motivated, and ready to take on the company’s challenges.

In groups of up to 12 colleagues, a ThinkOTB Facilitator will take them through six stages, sharing the tools and techniques needed to turn bad ideas into credible innovations. They’ll leave with copies for next time they have an idea that is too good to waste. 

Participants will test, improve and validate their ideas until they reach Level Six where they will sell their idea. The Facilitator will refine their presentation skills and colleagues can critique the idea or take it to the senior team and run with the innovation. 

In Person: One of our motivating Facilitators brings the workshop to a venue of your choice

Virtually: A Facilitator brings your colleagues from around the world together on MS Teams

ThinkOTB excel in innovation

Our Facilitators know their good ideas from the ‘bin it’ ideas! They’ve been practising organisational innovation for over 30 years and have tried, tested and triumphed in running ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop hundreds of times around the world.

Why this workshop benefits organisations

Bespoke workshop tailored to solving your organisation’s strategic challenges

Increased innovation quality, quantity and speed across the company

Provides the tools to embed an innovation mindset in every colleague 

Provides a consistent innovation process across global business sites

The proof it works is in the innovations

ThinkOTB’s ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop is credited with empowering participants to create incredible new products and services, change company cultures, and enhance ways of working, including: 

–  the safest hard
hat in the world

–  a new way of
generating electricity

–  a marketing proposition
to attract wealthy donors

–  a new lamp
post design

–  new ice
cream toppings

–  a way for partner
organisations to work together 

Meet our Facilitators


Specialises in


Specialises in the psychology of innovation


Specialises in organisational innovation


Specialises in embedding an innovation culture


Specialises in organisational innovation

Growing the ‘innovation attitude’ internally

One workshop can have incredible effects on innovation in the organisation. But the impact grows exponentially when everyone does the workshop and an innovation culture is created.

ThinkOTB are more than the brains behind the ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop. We are a creative marketing agency with over 30 years’ experience of bringing ideas to life. So when your organisation is ready to roll out the workshops, we roll out the internal comms to get everyone engaged – from the comms strategy to producing the online and offline materials. And when an idea is so good it deserves to be realised, we are here to devise the marketing strategy and campaign to make the innovation reach its full potential.
See what we’ve created for other organisations.

Unlocking innovation doesn’t need to be hard

FREE 40 min taster workshop

Try before you buy and witness the impact of the workshop for yourself without committing

A team bursting with ideas

In only one day we’ll turn your team into effective innovators

Only £4,500 per workshop

For up to 12 people (that’s just £375pp and who knows how much profit one of their ideas will generate?)

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