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Consumers are demanding more from the brands they choose to interact with. Satisfactory service is no longer enough to retain repeat custom; if customers are aware of a superior service from a competitor, they will inevitably
go elsewhere.

To prevent this from happening, you must take steps to personalise your service and completely immerse yourselves in your customers’ world, ensuring they are made to feel valued.

In order to do this, you need financial services expertise and marketing knowledge.

OTB is an agency like no other, offering these capabilities through one source, ensuring that what we deliver for you is tailored to the specific needs of the Financial Services industry. From utilising data and technological advancements to offer a personalised experience, to serving your customers via suitable digital and physical channels, OTB has the experience to help drive tangible results.

Those Financial Services organisations who thrive will be those who observe, listen and respond


Are you ready to cash in?

It’s our on-the-money strategy, delivered through engaging and interest-sparking creative content, that gives you the best return on your investment. OTB has over 10 years of proven experience in increasing the power of financial services clients’ marketing money and creating tangible value for their business.

Unique customer proposition

For a large UK business banking provider, we developed and brought to market a unique customer proposition based on our in-depth analysis of customer behaviour and the competitive environment.

Brand refresh

We have repositioned the brand of a major foreign exchange business, through the delivery of a multi-dimensional brand refresh campaign.

Global Marketing Strategy

We have supported a large global payments provider through developing a wide range of compelling and engaging communication materials for both staff and customers.

Building Society brand relaunch

For an established Building Society, we have helped them embark on a new chapter of their evolution. We developed a full brand relaunch campaign, enhancing their brand through the delivery of a contemporary identity.

A multi-disciplined creative agency - we can help your business to create...

Customer Communications

Customer communication that generates interest and action through any channel or form of media.

Stronger Branding

A stronger brand with a clearer identity, so as to reinforce to your customer the service you are providing and strengthen your relationship with them.

Staff communication and training

Staff communication and training that both inspires and educates, through clear messaging and practical activities.

Winning financial services marketing strategies

Winning strategies and propositions built on strong foundations that reflect a deep understanding of customer needs and how you meet these needs better than your competitors.

Business case for marketing

Compelling business cases, which clearly showcase your proposal and the benefits that it’s forecast to deliver.

Marketing your product offering

A revitalised product offering, through refining your products features and creating a stronger link between customer need and your proposition.

Let’s work together

Regardless of how developed your thoughts or ideas are and however large or small the piece of work is, do reach out to us. We would be delighted to help.

Call: +44(0)113 216 2820 or email

Financial Services companies that show they truly understand their customers will prosper


Delivering good customer service is now pretty much the norm in the Financial Services industry. Customers expect it and they will move elsewhere if it is not provided.

But to set themselves apart from their competitors, Financial Services companies will need to take their focus on the customer experience to the next level. In short, they will need to be obsessed with their customers and take advantage of data and technology to offer seamless personalised experiences; there is no substitute for personalisation when it comes to making a customer feel that you value their business....

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