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Lazy to Easy. Transforming Very Lazy’s website for the US market

Our challenge

Very Lazy are a popular UK food brand known for its convenient and high-quality chopped ingredients and paste products. The brand decided to expand its market presence into the United States under the new name “Very Easy.” To facilitate this transition and establish a strong digital presence in the US market, Very Easy enlisted our help.

Our primary challenge was to create a compelling website design to effectively communicate the brand’s product offerings and convenience-driven ethos. Additionally, we needed to align the website with the brand’s new identity while maintaining consistency with its UK roots.

Our creative thinking

Using market research to understand the preferences of American consumers, we worked closely with Very Lazy’s marketing team to develop the website. It was essential that the design and UX we developed reflected the Very Easy brand values of simplicity, quality and convenience. It also needed to resonate with their American audience. We applied a bright, vibant colour palette for a visually appealing interface. And, we also localised recipe and ingredient content to cater for cultural nuances.

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