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Bringing R&R Ice Cream and supermarket buyers together

Our challenge

Ice cream manufacturers engaged with major supermarket buyers in a set way. Manufacturers spent ages developing new flavours then at a set time of year buyers invited manufacturers to pitch. Buyers made on-the-spot decisions. Our challenge was to help R&R Ice Cream sell in a new flavour.

tubs of ice cream in shop

Our creative thinking

To us, this relationship wasn’t fulfilling for either side. Why not co-create ice cream ideas with supermarket buyers? Why not discuss flavour trends, price points, customer profiles?

We invited buyers from various supermarkets to a series of workshops with R&R Ice Cream’s development and marketing teams, and customers. We created new flavour combinations and different mouthfeels for each customer group. Importantly we had rich conversations with buyers about their challenges and product needs.

ThinkOTB developed the new product concepts and POS designs and targeted them to each supermarket’s audience. Thanks to our co-creation, the buyers had subconsciously pre-bought into the flavours.

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