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Helping PZ Cussons make the shower aisle more indulgent

Our challenge

The supermarket shower aisle has become utilitarian; shower gels and body washes are luxurious and indulgent. So how could we make buying PZ Cussons’ shower products as exciting as using them?

Our creative thinking

We went into supermarkets and watched people buying shower products. We noted down how long they spent there, if they smelt them, if they looked for something new and if they had any emotional response to new products.

Armed with those insights we held innovation workshops with the PZ Cussons team and our creative team to think creatively about what would make the shower aisle more of an indulgent experience.

Our creative marketing team mocked up aisles with floor graphics of gently flowing streams filled with lilies and coy carp. The shelf fronts were gel-filled and holding scent swatches. Overhead there was a tropical flower canopy and interactive screens matched the shoppers’ mood to a PZ Cussons product.

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