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Giving Npower high-energy training

Our challenge

Npower challenged us to deliver a innovative staff training programme that was engaging and intelligent to support the team in creating great ideas for their customers. We also worked with them to create an operational staff conference that was fresh for 3,000 staff.

Our creative thinking

It is very hard to think differently when you are in the work environment. So, we took groups of up to 30 people to schools and community centres for innovation training. The teams created new ideas for their customers and new ways of working together to problem solve. Trainees were challenged to share this new way of working with others and several of the ideas have gone on to be amongst npower’s most successful propositions.

To talk about living the brand values in a fun, engaging and memorable way, we thought the best solution would be to facilitate a number of creative thinking workshops. The team were encouraged to use thinking techniques to break the old rules of what a conference is, and created a conference that wasn’t a conference! It was a theme park event filled with fun, excitement, anticipation and learning.

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