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Helping Groupama ‘innovate everywhere’

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Our challenge

Groupama is the world’s second largest mutual insurer. Their challenge to set out how they could create the capabilities to have innovation everywhere, to give them a competitive advantage and grow the business.

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Our creative thinking

Their existing innovation strategy was ‘clumpy’ so we proposed 10 steps to successful innovation management and how those could be applied leveraging their internal teams’ skills.

Groupama recruited an Innovation team and we helped them identify the organisation’s strategic challenges. To get active engagement quickly, we set up small teams to work on innovation projects which established over 20 business improvement solutions.

To embed a sustainable innovation culture, we developed a people/process solution where people were trained how to be creative and an innovation system was installed, along with processes and procedures. Structure and guidance came from a number of innovation challenges which were identified by the Board and tackled at events throughout the year.

The innovation system is now mature enough to be focused on adding £millions to Groupama’s bottom line through a series of innovation challenges.

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